3 Things I Wish I Had Knew Before Opening My Sewing Machine Repair Shop

In 2009, I stopped studying in college because my mom didn’t have enough money for me back then. So I went home and find a job, I worked in a factory that produced sewing machines, it was Singer company belongings. While working in the factory, I was often curious about the mechanic things and I have studied them myself, using anything I could remember from school.

Then I was so interested in these wonderful machines that I decided to take up the career of a repairman. But except from basic knowledge about sewing machines, I know nothing about repairing things. So I started to learn, go to online classes, read everything I find about sewing machines in the internet such as sewing machine reviews, blogs, forum threads, find out what problems people face most and how to fix them. I bought an used Singer from the factory and test everything I learned with it. After a month of constant learning, I was so confident about what I learn and believed in a successful career, I opened a sewing machine repair shop and called it John’s.3 Things I Wish I Had Knew Before Opening My Sewing Machine Repair Shop

Till now it’s had been 10 years, I have faced many challenges in my career, many time I fell, but through all those hard waves I survived and stand strongly, look back then I can say it was very fun too! I have a wonderful job. These are 3 things I wish I had known when starting my business, I had learned them the hard way so I don’t want you to go through it:

  1. When gathering your technical knowledge, you should learn about different sewing machine brands. When I started out, I used an old Singer to practice my skills so I don’t know anything about the others, when I get my very first customer, I realised that my knowledge is just a drop in the ocean. There are so many different sewing machine types and brands that you have to master, or at least the popular and major ones: Brother, Singer, Janome and Bernina, before you start to receive orders, or you will lose customers and that will affect your reputation and business a lot. You can find the old and basic machines of each brand with cheap in the dealer or Ebay, or you can borrow your friends and neighbors.
  1. The best way to learn a profession is becoming an apprentice in big organization, you will learn much faster. In this case, find a repair shop and ask if they take apprentice, you will prefer big shop because the chance they say yes will higher.
  2. You should build a website with phone number one it. This tip is especially helpful these days when Internet becomes a big part of our lifestyle. People face problems, the first place they think about to find solutions is on the Internet, or Google, so having a website on the first page of google will brings you more and more orders. This will take some effort and time or even you money but it is totally worth it, this is nothing compared to the profits you get from it.